Arndís Þórarinsdóttir (Arndis Thorarinsdottir) is an Icelandic writer and translator.

Arndís has published the following books for children:

  • The chapter book Galdraskólinn (A School of Magic), published by the Icelandic Directorate of Education in 2019. Illustrated by Ragnheiður Ásta Valgeirsdóttir.
  • The chapter book Gleraugun hans Góa (Gói’s Glasses), published by The Icelandic Directorate of Education in 2015. Illustrated by Árni Jón Guðmundsson.
  • The nonfiction book Sitthvað á sveimi (Something is Out There), published by The Icelandic Directorate of Education in 2014. Illustrated by Karl Jóhann Jónsson.
  • The chapter book Lyginni líkast (Coming True), published by The Icelandic Directorate of Education in 2013. Illustrated by Freydís Kristjánsdóttir.
  • The novel Játningar mjólkurfernuskálds (Confessions of a Milk Carton Poet), published by Forlagið in 2011.

Her first volume of poetry, Innræti (Imprint) was published by Forlagið in 2020. Innræti was nominated for the 2020 Icelandic Literary Prize, in the fiction category.

Arndís has also translated the first ten books of Rosie Banks’ Secret Kingdom series into Icelandic. Previously she translated JRR Tolkien’s Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics for Dr. Ármann Jakobsson’s edition of the text.

She has published short stories and articles in various Icelandic magazines.

Arndís lives in Reykjavík with her husband and two children. You are welcome to contact her directly by email, her address is arndis@arnd.is.  She is represented by the Rights & Brands agency,  but her work with Hulda Sigrún Bjarnadóttir is represented by David Dunton at Harvey Klinger Literary Agency.

Arndís has an undergraduate degree in comparative literature and a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing, from the University of Iceland, and another postgraduate degree in Writing for Performance, from Goldsmiths College, University of London.